Korean 24K Gold Beauty Facelift Magic Bar

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A New Simple Way To treat Wrinkles & Eyebags Instantly!

Do you have wrinkles in your skin and feel like you've tried everything to get rid of them?  Well now, this device offers INSTANT repair with deep tissue acupuncture massaging.

Do you want to treat wrinkles and signs of aging with acupuncture, but are afraid to be punctured by needles? Then try this 24k Gold Beauty Bar insteadIt uses ionic and vibration massaging, to efficiently tightens skin to remove wrinkles and black eyes. It’s a painless acupuncture stimulation that activates tissues, firms sagging and aging skin, promotes blood circulation, detoxes the meridians, and helps reduce muscle pain.


The Korean 24K Golden Beauty Bar rejuvenates your tired and dull complexions. It also helps diminish frown lines and wrinkles to be safe of delicated areas, including around the eye and 24K gold is naturally antimicrobial.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and vitality. You can turn back time with the Golden Beauty Bar.

  • It Instantly tightens and lifts skin.
  • The 24K gold plating Y-bar helps enrich the skin.
  • It promotes blood circulation
  • Restores skin radiance, firmness, elasticity
  • Lifts tired eyes.
  • It smooths out puffy eyes and crow's feet, frown lines & wrinkles.
  • It also improves neck wrinkles and lifts droopy skin and circulation for glowing skin.



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