Insta Hang Seamless Convenient Wall Stud Nail Picture Wall Hook Hanging Nail Gun

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InstaHang is the new revolutionary tool that will replace your hammer, nails, wire and hooks at home allowing you to save time and money. This specially designed peg dispenser pops in pegs securely and lets you hang any object in seconds!
Decorate, remodel, organize and simplify your life in a flash without the damaging effects of a hammer and nails.
Decorate in an instant!
Perfect for every room in the house!
Angled peg supports up to 10 pounds!
Add hooks or caps for more options.
Note: used pegs cannot be reinserted in the InstaHang tool and reused.


To use: 1- Squeeze cover at three dots and slide off to reveal storage compartment. 2- Place accessories into storage compartment. Press hooks onto pegs as shown. Insert caps into recessed areas on either side of the compartment. Peg strips must be inserted at an angle, point-first toward the bottom edge, then press until it snaps into place. 3- To load peg strip for use, turn spring-loaded end cap counterclockwise to remove, and slide remaining peg strip into the compartment. Peg strip must be angled in the same direction as the peg icon at the end of the device. 4- Replace end cap and turn it clockwise to lock into place. 5- Place InstaHang tool flush against wall and use bubble level to adjust for straightness. Push down forcefully on grey button to dispense peg into wall. 6- To remove a peg from the wall, line the removal notch up with the peg and pull away from the wall

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