2-in-1 PowerBank CHARGER+WALLET with RFID★★★ by Bell+Howell E-CHARGE

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Bell and Howell E-Charge Wallet - As Seen On TV

The Bell and Howell E-Charge Wallet not only holds your cash and credit cards, it also charges your phone up to 2 times. The wallet features "RFID blocking technology" to ensure that your cards cannot be scanned while they are in your wallet. The accordion design organizes your cash and cards so you can easily access them when you need them. The E-Charge wallet is durable and can withstand extreme heat and cold. However, with all of this technology and durability, the E-Charge Wallet still weighs less than a normal leather wallet. It works with all phones including Samsung and iPhone. The E-Charge wallet is great for all forms of travel.

Functions of E-Charge 2-in-1 PowerWallet:

  • Holds enough power to fully charge up to two Smart phones.
  • Very lightweight unlike your regular power bank.
  • Thinner than your regular wallet when filled with the same cash and cards.
  • Unique Accordion design organizes cards and cash; The stylish and durable casing is aluminum-constructed.
  • Compatible with all Smartphones including Samsung and iPhone.
  • High-capacity rechargeable Power Pack.
  • E-Charge wallet indicator light fully lits when product is fully-charged; charge-time: 4-6 hours.
  • Included: USB for charging; RFID-protected; Size: 4.2 x 2.75 x 0.75 inches
  • Works on all of your USB Powered devices
  • With Free Universal Cable For Any Phone
  • Withstand extreme heat and frigid cold
  • Available Colors: Red, Black, Silver, Blue



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