Fix It PRO Car Scratch Repair

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1) Quick drying, due to the use of environmental restrictions, repair paint pen must possess the characteristics of fast drying at room temperature, otherwise easily  infected with dirt or affect beautiful.
2) Generality, fill paint pen is in accordance with the standard color, have a certain commonality;But as mentioned above, the color difference can be larger than a one-to-one color painting, which is not perfect for different types of vehicles
  • A perfect car scratch-repair tool, you can only select the appropriate model for the control paint color,
  • To repair, cover, and fill the scratch with fine scratches or paint flaking, and to prevent rusting.
  • This is a popular type of product called "finishing brush" or "self-painting" products on the market. As an acute treatment of car paint,
  • How does it work? Here are some of the actual experiences of car owners. Mr. Lin's experience is:
  • It is good to cover very small scratches with a paintbrush, although it does not achieve the same effect as the original paint.
  • But it's better than not patching it up. When dealing with deep scratches, because the color is not quite the same and there is no gloss covering,
  • The effect is not ideal. Mr. Zhou, the owner of the car, reflects the lack of gloss on the paint.
  • The color of some of the paintbrush and the color of the body color are obvious color difference.
  • Color is not consistent after use.


  • Shake Fix it! Pro applicator thoroughly with cap on. Apply Fix it! Pro in shaded area
  • With tip pointed down, PRESS & RELEASE spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated. Protect tip from sunlight! It may take 40 to 50 presses to saturate the tip
  • Apply along & into damaged clear coat. Work quickly, Fix it! Pro cures in direct sunlight. Apply at temperatures above 55 degrees (F)
  • Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as Fix it! Pro can cure rapidly. Allow to cure in sunlight until dry (1-48 hrs)


Item size: 143*15(max)mm
Net weight: 13g


1 x Car Scratch Repair Pen

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