FIRE STOP Portable Fire Extinguisher 1000ML

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  • 500ML/1000ML mini Fire Extinguisher for Car Car, vehicles, ships, family, hotel, office, shopping center.This product can quickly save at the beginning of class A and class B fires, You can also save the general electrical equipment, Fire extinguishing distance is not less than 1 m, are characteristic of rapid fire, cooling, fight again.This article adopts the binary package spray cans, Arbitrary profile injection can be all-round 360 degrees, its driving gas is compressed air, not discharged with a fire extinguisher , meet the requirements of the protection of atmospheric ozone layer of the Montreal protocol. 1. Ideal for home, auto and marine use 2. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula 3. Convenient fluorescent mounting clip Features: (1) This products is portable ,non-poison , environmental friendly, isolation property. (2) use in vehicle, ship, home, hotel, shopping mall, ideal fire extinguisher. (3) No flammable ,no explosives, it's very convenient to take and operate.


  • Direction: Remove the jar from the shelf, cover and shake well, away 20cm—30cm from the combustion, press the nozzle and spray unformity. Let the foam completely cover the combustible goods, so the burming material can isolation with air and reduce temperature. It can achieve the purpose of firefighting.

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